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MARCH 2, 2009

Posted: March 6th, 2012 @ 12:57am

Mr. President, I rise today on a matter of personal and collective privilege in relation to the belittling of Filipino nurses by the Director of the New Zealand Nursing Society, a certain Mr. David Wills.

Mr. President, it is a known fact in the entire medical and nursing profession in majority of the developed and developing nations that Filipino nurses are one of the best, if not the best in providing health services to hospitals wherever they are assigned.

Mr. President, the remarks of Mr. David Wills, Director of New Zealand Nursing Society, has no basis and in fact devoid of empirical data to say that the quality of nursing education in this country has deteriorated and is going down. The mere increase of enrollees in the Philippines in the nursing profession is not a basis enough to conclude that the quality of the nursing profession in this country has diminished. The said remark does not even deserve the tiniest of our attention if only to engage Mr. Wills to a debate.

Ginoong Pangulo, sa kadahilanang ang turing ng Nursing Society ng New Zealand ay may bahid ng di-makatarungang pagtaya sa uri ng edukasyon dito sa ating bansa, marami sa ating mga nurses ngayon na nasa New Zealand ay hindi makapasok ng trabaho dahil ayaw silang itala sa mga kwalipikadong nurses.

Ayon sa balitang aking natanggap, ang karamihan sa kanila ay gumagastos ng $8,000 upang makapag-apply ngunit hindi makapasok ng trabaho sa mga hospital sapagkat sila ay hindi nakatala sa New Zealand Nursing Society.

If only Mr. Wills will care to find out from other countries such as the United States of America and the United Kingdom , he would have found out that in fact, Filipino nurses are in demand because of their quality of service and knowledge of the nursing profession.

At the very least, Mr. President, I consider the action of Mr. Wills as an affront not only to our compatriot nurses but a racial discrimination against the Filipino nation.

The remark of Mr. Wills and I quote, “ It is easier to get a fresh graduate from Kenyaregistered than someone from the Philippines ” is a baseless insult and deserves a condemnation from the entire nation.

Ginoong Pangulo, bilang patunay sa kagalingan ng ating kababayang nurses, ang inyong lingkod ay nakatanggap ng isang liham mula kay Ginoong Bill Marshall, isang New Zealand citizen, kung saan ay sinabi niya na “Based on my personal experience, having been a patient inMiddlemore Hospital heart ward, I can only say Thank God from nurses from the Philippines… it has occurred to me that our hospital system could risk collapse without the contingency of Filipino nurses that we have…Filipino nurses deserve our respect.”

Mr. President, in this light, I strongly denounce the actuations of Mr. Wills and suggest that a diplomatic protest be lodged with the New Zealand Government against Director David Wills for besmirching the reputation and honor of our Filipino nurses. In addition, we should request our Department of Foreign Affairs and the Department of Labor and Employment to resolve this issue with the New Zealand Government and push for a fair treatment of our nurses in New Zealand .

Thank you.



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